This is a system...not a gamble!

Houses sell quickly & for the most $$$ when they are priced properly in the beginning.

This marketing plan is the result of years of real estate experience. Over the years we have developed proven techniques that work, and we were constantly in search of new marketing and promotional ideas to streamline and perfect our system.

This system has resulted in the successful completion of hundreds of closed residential transactions. Our system is a combination of marketing, determination, consistency, and precision.

"We can and will sell any home listed with us. The marketing of your property is done through a series of consistant actions. These are basic, but essential!"

Three major factors of what makes a property sell...

#1 Location - If two or more homes of the same size are on the market for the same price, in the same condition, the one with the best location will probably sell first.

#2 Price - If two or more homes of the same size are on the market in the same area, in the same condition, the one with the best price will probably sell first.

#3 Condition of the Property - If two or more homes of the same size are in the same area, for the same price, the one in the best condition will probably sell first.

First impressions are lasting...Evaluate every aspect of your yard!

*Keep your yard mowed, raked, fertilized, & watered.
*Remove all toys, bicycles, tools, trash items, animal debris, & so on from your yard.
*Trees & shrubs should be pruned & trimmed. Lawns & gardens should be weeded regularly.
*All hoses & garden equipment should be out of sight.
*Outdoor furniture should be kept clean and/or repainted if needed.
*Firewood should be stacked out of sight.
*Walkways & driveways should be clear of debris, clear of snow & if icy, apply salt. (You don't want a potential buyer to slip & fall!) At other times of the year make sure walkways, driveways, & curbsides are trimmed with edge trimmers.
*Paint your mailbox if needed & ensure that the street number is legible.

Is the outside as attractive as the inside?

*Porches, steps, verandas, balconies, patios, & other extensions should be uncluttered, swept, & in good condition.
*Paint all entrance doors.
*Shades & awnings should be in good condition. Replace them if the color is faded.
*Remove windsocks, chimes, etc.
*Keep trash cans deodorized, covered, & out of sight.
*Gates, fences, sheds, & other out buildings should be cleaned, repaired, & painted.
*Clean and shine all metal accessories (door knobs, door knockers, lamps, mailboxes, street numbers, etc.)
*Clean, repair, & paint all gutters & downspouts.
*All loose roof shingles, tiles, etc. should be secured or replaced. If the roof leaks, fix it! Remove all traces of prior water damage to the ceiling inside your home.
*Make sure the garage door opens easily. Repair & paint if needed.
*Paint the chimney vents. Inspect & repair any loose bricks or stones. Caulk where the chimney meets the roof.

An investment in painting your home can really make the difference between "turning on" the buyer and sending up a "red flag" about the condition of your home. You may lose buyers due to what you might consider to be an insignificant issue.

Now it is time to evaluate the inside of your home.

*Wash all of windows - inside & out! Curtains should also be clean & attractive.
*Remove all smoke, pet, & hobby odors from the home.
*Clean all light bulbs, light fixtures, & chandeliers so that the home is brighter.
*Shampoo all carpets & vacuum them daily. If the carpet does not clean-up well you should REPLACE IT! Use a neutral color or simply remove the carpet if the hardwood floors underneath are in good condition.
*Clean everything in your home from top to bottom, from the attic to the basement
*Remove all grease from the range hood, oven, stove top, walls, etc. Replace burner pans, they are inexpensive & it is easier than cleaning them.
*Clean all of the rubbish out of the fireplace & keep it clean.
Remove all "junk" from the attic, basement, closets, garage, tool sheds, & especially from the storage area if your home has one. Large storage areas are appealing to buyers.
*Remove posters, & adhesive from the walls & doors. Putty & paint any holes resulting from nails or other mishaps.
*Clean or paint the basement walls & floor
*Wax hardwood floors.
*Remove cobwebs from corners.
*Repair or replace all doors, closet doors, windows, & screens so they open with ease.
*Repair or replace broken tiles on walls, floors, or in showers.
*Repair or replace loose wallpaper.
*Replace shower curtains and keep them clean.
*Replace toilet bowls if you can not get them spotlessly clean. It's inexpensive & makes a big difference.
*Improve plumbing to increase water pressure. Buyers will check this every time. Replace the washer in faucets and remove rust stains.

Is your home ready to be shown

*Install high wattage bulbs to show your home brightly. Brighter rooms look bigger!
*Remove all "clutter" from each room. (Clothing, shoes, toys, etc.) Uncluttered rooms look bigger!
*Make sure beds are made & bedspreads smoothed out. Also, keep laundry out of sight.
*Organize closets. Large closets sell houses & organized closets look bigger!
*Dust and vacuum floors often.
*Don't leave soiled towels lying around & wipe the shower down after every use.


~Turn all lights and lamps on.

~Close the toilet lids.

~Clean the litter box.

~Empty the trash.

~Good smells should waft from the kitchen.

~Wipe the counter tops and mirrors free of fingerprints.

~Grab the kids and take the dog for a 30 minute walk.

~Call me! Each time your home is shown, call me. This will enable me to offer additional information needed to obtain an offer and ultimately a sale of your property.

What occurs when the offer is made?

1. When an offer is written:
The buyer's agent will contact us & we will call you & arrange an acceptable time & place for the presentation of the offer, should you wish to have the buyer's agent present the offer to you.

2. Presenting the offer:
When a buyer makes an offer to purchase your home, we will review the offer with you, in the presence of the cooperating real estate agent who generated the offer, if you wish. We will not be informed of the terms of the offer until the contract is formally presented to us.

3. Once an offer is presented your three options are:
A. Accept the offer exactly as presented...and your home is sold
B. Make a counter proposal...propose changes to the offer, i.e. price, personal property, possession date, ect. so that it is acceptable to you.
C. Reject the offer.

If the original offer or the counter proposal is agreed upon by both parties, a legally binding contract exists.

4. Delivery of the contract:
A copy of the finalized contract will be delivered to both the buyer and the seller by their respective real estate agents.

5. Finalizing all conditions to be met:
A. If the contract states that financing will be provided by a lender, it is the buyer's responsibility to make an application for the mortgage loan with in the specified number of working days. The buyers will have a set number of days to procure written verifications of the loan approval as stated in the contract. The lending institution will verify the buyer's credit, work records, determine his ability to meet the monthly obligations, and order an appraisal of your property. Remember that the property as well as the buyers must meet requirements in order to receive loan approval from the lenders underwriter.

B. In many transactions the buyers will order a home inspection and certain conditions will apply as set forth in the contract. The conditions and inspections will have performance dates on the contract.

C. Within 24 to 48 hours prior to closing, the buyers are entitled to a walk through inspection of your home. An appointment will be made and the buyers will be accompanied by the cooperating real estate agent.

D. Keys will be delivered to the buyers either at closing or prior to the agreed upon possession time.

E. The closing will be held at the designated title company. The title company closing agent follows the instructions of the contract and the instructions of the lender to process all of the documents. The title company reviews the documents with the lender and then takes the documents to the Court House for recording. Following recording of the transaction, the proceeds of the sell will be available to the seller at the end of the business day the transaction records.

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The System...
Do you want to make the move in the shortest period of time at the best possible price?


The Gamble...
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